The Northern Cuisine is regarded as the essence of Vietnamese cuisine containing the ancient culture through many dynasties. Infamous Northern dishes such as Grilled Hemibagrus, paddy field crab hotpot, pho,… always leave an imprint in both domestic and foreign guests hearts.
In our restaurant 2S, we don’t only bring Northern specialties, the guests can also experience the cozy and luxury atmosphere, the meticulous decoration along with a fine dining service.
Cha ca La Vong 2S Restaurant– Pleased to serve you!


Restaurant atmosphere

A touch of Ha Noi in the middle of Saigon

Setting foot into the restaurant 2S, customers will feel the sophistication and elegance of Ha Noi through the luxury and cozy atmosphere of classical brown wooden furniture, romantic Ha Noi painting, modern ventilation system along with the refreshing Strawberry fragrance. It is safe to say that every corner of the restaurant is planned carefully in order to help the customers enjoy all the restaurant dishes fully.

Discover our signature dish

The grilled Hemibagrus dated back to the end of the 19th century, when it became infamous all over the capital and nationwide. Because of that, it is our signature and the most favorite dish which is requested by most of the customers who visit the 2S restaurant.

Moreover, our restaurant also serves more than 12 traditional dishes that use the Hemibagrus as the main ingredient in order to bring the guest a very diversified selections.